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In 2019 I initiated the 40@40 Project, my personal mission to commission songs in support of the art song community. Pulling together the sparks of inspiration – making collaborative connections between the composers and poets in my life – has been one of the most fulfilling artistic endeavors of my life. These first twenty world-premiere song recordings, from composers and poets of diverse backgrounds and points of view are exceptional in their beauty, depth, quality, and range of emotional expression.                                            

- Laura Strickling

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​1. Not Quite Stars
composed by Juhi Bansal

poetry by Julie Baber

2. Wind, Carry Me
composed by James Primosch

poetry by Susan Stewart

3. Prometheus's Monster
composed by Myron Silberstein

poetry by Karen Poppy

4. Thanks a Latte
composed by Lori Laitman

poetry by Caitlin Vincent

5. At Spring's End
composed by Tom Cipullo

poetry by Li Po (translated by Ezra Pound)

6. Saint
composed by Scott Wheeler

poetry by Jeffrey Harrison

7. E-mail to Odessa
composed by Dennis Tobenski

poetry by Elizabeth Seydel Morgan




8. Peony
composed by Ed Windels

poetry by C.L. O'Dell

9. This Ode is Mine
composed by Bess McCrary

poetry by Bess McCrary

10. Woman Walking
composed by Nell Shaw Cohen

poetry by Megan Cohen


11. anew
composed by Joseph Jones

poetry by Christina Ramirez

12. The Mother Who Died Too
composed by Eugenia Cheng

poetry by Edith M. Thomas

13. Sun of the Sleepless
composed by Felix Jarrar

poetry by Lord Byron



14. Let Us Remember Spring
composed by Andrea Clearfield

poetry by Charlotte Mew

15. Las palmeras
composed by Reinaldo Moya

poetry by Pamela Rahn Sánchez

16. The Solitary Reaper
composed by Evan Fein

poetry by William Wordsworth

17. My song is sung
composed by Jodi Goble

poetry by Yone Noguchi

18. Benediction
composed by Daron Hagen

poetry by Christina Ramirez

19. Two Old Crows
composed by Juliana Hall

poetry by Vachel Lindsay

20. Song of Solitude (Alone...)
composed by H. Leslie Adams

poetry by Nikos Valance

Art by Ali Haegele

©2024 Laura Strickling

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